Q: Do you meet in the evenings and weekends?
On rare occasions, I can schedule meetings outside of normal business hours because I have family obligations as I am sure you do as well. There is a premium cost to meet outside of normal business hours depending on any travel needs and the time of day. I am happy to accommodate you by meeting at your office over your lunch hour, or by Skype if that is more convenient.
Q: Are your fees negotiable?
No, though together we can modify your scope of work or break down the project into separate phases to accommodate both your budget and your expectations.  We know our cost of doing business, and for us to give you the best possible service, we include a reasonable profit in our fees. In order for us to provide the best possible client experience, we must run a profitable business.
Q: Can we purchase our own products?
Yes you can.  However a clear understanding of the impact of doing so may greatly affect the outcome of a project. Scale, proportion, quality, and the visual aspects of a product can radically impact the end result of a design that is in progress. When purchasing your own products, you must also be willing to take full responsibility for managing all of the tasks related to the purchase which can include price requests/negotiations and managing installation, just to name a few. Installation management includes delivery scheduling, inspections, installation, and problem/damage resolution.